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Welcome to the Queer Anime (as well as Manga) Database. This site, as you probably guessed, hosts a wide variety of anime and manga which feature queer characters.

This site was created to recommend anime and manga with LGBT+ themes and characters, specifically those with good, explicit representation who handles these topics well. I felt as if there wasn't a concrete list of these medias, so I wanted to create a database for other queer people like myself. I also wanted to create a database that wasn't just anime that solely focused on the romance, with anime from a wide variety of genres.

If you would like to contribute to the database, click on the Contact tab to message me. If you'd like to see the database for yourself, click on the Directory tab. You can filter by alphabetical, genre, themes, and much more (coming soon).

February 6th Major Update

Hello everyone that might be following this page or is simply interested in the database. I'd like to make an annoucement that on my main site, VAMPIRE PDA, I upgraded to being a supporter. That means that I can manage multiple sites under VAMPIRE PDA, and therefore I've decided that I'm going to make another site under the main site that hosts the database. This site will have a new look, all the page profiles completed and up to date, more link buttons, and even a form on the page instead of having to send an email. Also possibly a custom domain, either way this site will take a long time to complete, as I've been working on this site for a few months and it's not even close to complete.

I'm going to keep this site up until the end of February and early March. Don't fret, I'm going to be archiving every page so you can look back on it. Nevertheless, this isn't the end of the database. Simply, the end of the first chapter, so thank you to everyone that read along with me, and want to continue reading along with me.

Signed, Lee


1/22/2021: More link buttons and a couple of updates to the database.

1/7/2021: Happy new year! I've finally gotten around to making some 88x31 buttons so you can link the site on your page. Also got a favicon.

12/4/2020: I finished up all the main pages.

12/2/2020: It's been awhile since I've updated, but I came back and completely redid the site so it looks much cleaner.

10/5/2020: Finished the contact page, submissions are up and running.

10/3/2020: Added the directory, as well as one extra page.

10/2/2020: I finally got this idea out of my head and into code.